Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hold the phone...

I just realised something that stopped my mind jackknifing like a lepers hand at the scent of left overs.

I've been thinking about this all the wrong way (btw I dont really know where I was going with that leper joke), whenever I talk about not being nearly good enough etc etc it's ALWAYS in reference to 2D. Never 3D. The reason for that was because I couldn't give a rats fart about 3D however now I've had a change of personality (likely schitzophrenia) since then and have began to like it.

Now that's not the point, the point is that I've prioritised 2D and not given any pause of thought to 3D... which is the focus of this course and ultimatley my ticket into a job. Of course I need to have a grandiose knowledge of the fundamentals and an understanding of anatomy that'd make Da'Vinci blush, but 3D is still the main focus.

At any rate, I'm not going to slack off on my 2D; just going to let it run it's course. 3D is why I'm here. You don't need to go to uni to put a pencil to a page... spose you don't really need to go to uni to watch tutorials from Youtube on 3DS Max either. Well atleast it gives me the time to practice these things without the burden of a full-time job. Nope, just the burden of 20,000 pounds of debt.

Aim higher... should be called aim lower, you know? As in my nuts!

Ah na, I'm enjoying myself really.

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