Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What a long, strange trip it's been.

So the first year is over with just some loose ends to tie up and a few extra personal projects, then it's on to year two. I'm sure everyone says it but damn, this went fast. Seems only yesterday I was failing at drawing cars... oh wait, that was yesterday. Need more work on that.

Anyway, I'm extremely grateful for this chance to progress and to really find what I aspire to accomplish in the future. I'll be honest and admit I'm not very fond of 3D; I don't necessarily find it boring or difficult as I did at the start of the year, it's more or less a case of disinterest; I can still get on with it, and I want learn however that's really because any extra knowledge of the elements of game design on top of 2D is crucial. Therefore I will learn.

I became aware of this when I realised I never went looking for 3D art as I do 2D. I'm always going on concept art websites, or looking at the art from games like World of Warcraft, God of War and (the one I cant wait for solely because of the art) Guild Wars 2.

Nevertheless, I'll keep at it because it'll be of paramount importance for sealing a job. I've become slack with game production as well, not to say I wasn't trying hard at it but I could have tried far harder and practised more out of projects. I found that when there was a lecture on new tools and techniques I got lost within five minutes because I hadn't caught up on the previous weeks tutorials assuming I'd catch-up... I did, just took months. So a more proactive approach for next year as well as a shit ton more practice during the summer break.

Something I will do next year to aid this will simply be to go to the labs as oppose to staying at my flat to do work under the credo that my fridge and entertainment are there. A lunch box will sort that out and entertainment only stifles my work flow. Really is a pity that it took me a year to concur this.

As for 2D; love it. Simple as. I want to be a concept artist (yeah, one of them) and this year has really been quite significant in turning me into an artist. Not necessarily in the skill department but in the mindset. I like things I despised and tried things I didn't care for. All for the better.

Then of course there's the blog. Something I was pretty keen on from the start though found the earlier projects quite dull (history of games РI'm a heathen). The reason for me looking forward to blogging was due to the chance to improve my writing; no idea if it has however I feel the ability to write constructively while holding interest is key for just about any walk of life; like exercise, it's just something every should do to improve themselves. On top of that it's one more notch in the proverbial axe that is my resum̩.

To highlight on that; more I hope to achieve in the second year is to become a better communicator. There's the game review planned as well as the standard presentation of the first semester so these are but two chances to try. I'm gonna go red and my voice is likely to sound like a pubescent geek but it's gotta be done. Maybe I'll just grow my hair long so I can shield my face from the judgemental gaze of the world. Although that might lead me to listening to Linkin Park and I'm not sure I could take that.

Something that I believe would help the students (even if they'd oppose this) is to make it mandatory to come into the labs at least 2-3 times a week for the full day. Not that the course should demand we work, this should be something we all want to do however we all get distracted when at home, and often prefer our cosy room and nearby fridge. This would simply improve productivity and assure decent grades at the end, which of course help the course to look better.

I'd dearly like to do more for the course, given the current cut to funding and the merge with... err.. humanities however I just don't feel like I'm at the skill level to really say: Hey, this is what the course can teach you. I imagine it wouldn't aspire to much. Hopefully by the end of the second year I'll be able to show off what I've learnt. For the moment however I shall remain in the shadows, learning what I can hoping that that will be enough to reflect the course's high standards and well-deserved accreditation.

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