Tuesday, 12 October 2010

You talkin' to me?

My name is Scott Bennett; I’m twenty-one years young, born and raised on the verdant plains of Glou-cester-shyeeerrrrr (Gloucestershire) however I don’t have the fahhrrmerr ahhcent, regrettably mine is boring and ordinary. My father was a wolf and my mother was a beard. I have four brothers I’m aware of.
After many a pilgrimage I decided to setup shop in urban Leicester to settle down with my love, game art. A forbidden love: one which is frowned upon in many cultures. Bullshit aside, the reason I chose game art goes way back to when I was but a young lad of fifteen years; gazing upon a specific piece of art amidst the Warcraft 3 manual – I could not believe this kind of drawing was possible: the shading on the armour,  detail of the fur,  glean on the blade. Was all so inspiring, and at the same time, disheartening; to think I’d never be that good. At that point I knew that I wanted to be a game artist.
From that day forward I took up this mighty quest, to traverse peaks and seas, lands and skies so that one day, I would leave my mark on game... or at least that was the plan. I kind of screwed up a tad in the start by not taking Art for GCSE, instead going down the ICT which meant, consequently, that I couldn’t do Art for A-level BUT ask me to do a database or a spreadsheet and I’m your man! Oh yeah, handy stuff.
After wasting a couple years on academics I finally got into an art course at my local College.  Hated the two years I spent there but at least it got me into Uni. Waaaaay!
Now that I’m FINALLY on a course that suits me I can get started on really focusing my attention on what matters. Hoping to have improved vastly in the first year in regards to both 2D and 3D ultimately leading to a highly polished style at the end of the third year. Just got to get my workin’ boots on.
Well there’s my life story. I thought I’d miss out the part where I served in Normandy getting my arm blown off or the time I kicked a mountain in half – good times.
Other then that I enjoy walks down the beach, playing the spoons and clubbing... as in baby seals.

This is my dream, there are many like it but this one's mine

The idea of this post was to go searching about yonder tinternet for my 'dream job' typically, however, the internet security in the library must see Blizzard as a threat to the average students mind and as such, has locked it away in a vault somewhere disallowing my entry. Fiend! Same goes for Lionhead Studios, another company I’d love to work with.
Space Cowboys and Slavedriving aside my dream job would have to be working for Blizzard Entertainment as a Lead Art Director. Although that’s being about as ambitious as Alexander the Great. So for now my goal is somewhat watered down. ‘Somewhat’ being the operative word here as I’d still like to work for Blizzard, just as a 2D concept artist instead. However, having read up on this a couple years back, the odds of me getting a job would be slim, even slimmer would be my weeks spent working on a game.
Therefore I’m obligated to learn 3D as C++ could well give me an aneurysm. Though it’s not so straightforward as to just turn up with 2D and 3D knowledge; maybe for other companies, be that as it may, Blizzard require that you have at least TWO years industry experience. They’ve listed ‘knowledge of 3D’ as a ‘desirable’ skill. Now I disagree, I’d have to say that knowing 3D and 2D are ESSENTIAL. How else am I going to get a job, gunpoint? Additionally, software knowledge such as Photoshop, 3DS-Max, Z-brush, a keen understanding of human and animal anatomy would all be advantageous.
            Fundamentally, I just need to work incredibly hard not just to get into industry, but to be better than my competition – this is the hard part. Here’s hoping style wins over raw skill. Since looking at myself now I’m nowhere near what I need to be, at any rate, that’s why I’m here on this particular course. Bring it on.

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