Friday, 29 October 2010

Memento – The melancholy tale of Lenny the goldfish.

Protagonist's wife was raped and murdered giving him a sweet-tooth for retribution. However he took a bit of a tumble and is now incapable of creating new memories. A typical revenge plot, but with a twist!

     It's like a normal boring film, except the protagonist is a little slow. Think Bruce Willis' character from Sin City; just with alzheimers. To be fair it was highly original, well-executed with a non-linear progression to break it up and then bring it together at the end with a few unexpected twists to leave you satisfied.

     Personally, it wasn't one of those 'Ohhhhhhh, you cheeky bugger!' kind-of-twists that leave you smiling on the inside for days after watching, like Usual Suspects or Sixth Sense. Though this was likely due to the running time compared with my preference toward the amount of cramp my legs can take before I stop giving a shit. Consequently the Care-o-meter was dwindling. However I did manage to concentrate long enough to appreciate the ending despite being somewhat perplexed in what my feelings toward the protagonist should now be, given his sudden role change.

All in all, it's worth a watch. Nothing terribly exciting though.

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